Events, Concerts and Nightlife

Some ideas

Sicily is an island full of life and there's alway an event, an opera, a concert worth going to

Night life is very active on Sicily at least for half a year. The season of disco parties starts there in April and finishes in the middle of October. It is very difficult to get into night clubs in Sicily that time.

Night clubs of Sicily are the places, where Sicilians and tourists spend half of their lives in summer. They like having a rest and know how to do it well. The most popular centers of night life in Sicily are considered to be Taormina, Catania, Palermo and some resorts in the provinces of Trapani and Agrigento.

Taormina is the "bohemian capital" of Sicily. Its clubs are famous for the entertainments and the number of celebrities, who come to relax and dance there. The heart of night life in Taormina is in the central streets and squares of the city: Corso Umberto, Piazza San Domenico, Piazza 9 Aprile. There are a lot of famous clubs and night bars there.

Most of the celebrities come in the middle of June because at that time the annual Taormina film festival is held there.

Popular places of night life are considered to be an Irish O-seven pub, where people come to meet their friends and chat, The Daiquiri, lounge bar with great location and cocktails, an Italian bar Re di Bastoni, where people come to sing songs and dance, Morgana, where you can dance all night long in a beautiful yearly renovated location.

Take a look at these websites for more information about events, espositions, and concerts(some are in Italian, but you can use google translate to understand ;-)

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