Tips and Tricks before you come to Sicily

Cacti village

-Bring a pair of hiking shoes. Climbing a volcano or shopping the whole day long can be tiring. Comfy shoes are important!

-Bring a sweater as even during the hottest days some areas can be chilly during the evening.

-Learn some basic Italian words, sadly not everyone speaks English here, even if Sicilians usually find a way to communicate even without words, some essentials are suggested. Check some Sicilian words/sayings Babbel (Sicilian Sayings). and Italian basics Untold Italy.!

-If you decide to hire a car, go for a small one. Sicilian roads can be small and narrow.

-Look both ways each time you cross the road. Sicilian drivers are very … ehm… passionate, so always expect the unexpected, whether you are on foot or driving a car.

Don’t get on a diet before you come to Sicily, do it when you go back home

-Plan distances on your trip.
Driving from one side to the other of the island takes more than 4 hours…

Enjoy the Sicilian way of life.
Don’t expect everyone to be perfectly on time, and understand the “siesta” closing time. Once you get it and live it you’ll be much more relaxedlike us Sicilians.